Skate Parties

                         Westside Gym Skate Party Rental Rules and General Information 

Skate parties are run by Westside PTO Volunteers and is an ongoing school fundraiser. Availability depends on the availability of parent volunteers and Hood River County School District Facilities. Volunteers are not expected to clean up after parties.

The Westside parent volunteer will be there 30 minutes prior to the party to open the gym. At that time you are welcome to come and set up for your party.

  • Food is only allowed on the stage area. We have one folding table we can set up on the stage for the party food/drinks.

  • Absolutely NO alcohol is permitted on school property.

  • You are responsible for all clean-up- checklist provided at sign- up

  • Lights are to remain on AT ALL TIMES in the gym.

  • All gym equipment is not available for use and to be left alone- ex. rock wall, bleachers, etc.

  • The volunteer will then arrive 30 min after the party is over to help place the table back into the skate room and to lock up. 

  • Cost: $100 for the party and a $100 refundable clean-up fee. Once we receive payment then we will book the skate/gym room for you. We will refund your cleaning fee within the week if everything was cleaned up properly according to the custodial staff.

Music: You may use our stereo and either plug in your phone or play a cd. For parties we keep the stereo on the gym floor. (Please keep in mind that wifi can be spotty in the gym). We recommend that you make a playlist if you are using your phone. You are welcome to use any cd’s on the stereo cart. 

If the school district has closed school and/or all after school activities due to inclement weather or other unforeseen reasons, your skate party will be cancelled and payment will be refunded.

Parties will not be booked during holidays, school breaks, or summer.