Skate Parties

                            Westside Gym Skate Party Rental Rules and General Information 

Skate parties are run by Westside PTO Volunteers and is an ongoing school fundraiser. Availability depends on the availability of parent volunteers and Hood River County School District Facilities. Volunteers are not expected to clean up after parties, this is how we keep the party cost economical. 

The Westside parent volunteer will be there 30 min prior to the party to open the gym/set-up. At that time you may come and set up for the party.


Food is only allowed on the stage area or outside. We can set a table up on the stage for the party food.


You are responsible for all clean-up, which includes:

  • Sweeping up of stage and gym floor. There should be brooms and a dustpan in the gym by the bleachers.

  • Skates need to be sprayed and placed back in their correct spots.

  • All garbage should be taken out, you may use the dumpsters out by the portables to throw trash bags in. We can provide garbage bags for you.

  • All spills and food particles need to be wiped up.

  • If there is any mess on the carpeted areas we ask that you use the vacuum in skate room to clean up.


The volunteer will then arrive 20-30 min after the party is over to help place benches, stereo, and the table back into the skate room and to lock up.


Cost: $50 for the party. You pay when you first arrive. We ask that you have exact change or pay with a check that is made out to Westside PTO.  You will also pay a $50 cleaning deposit which will be returned after confirmation of satisfactory cleaning practices by Westside custodial staff.


Music: You may use our stereo and either plug in your phone or play a cd. For parties we keep the stereo on the gym floor. Wi-fi can be spotty in the gym, we recommend that you make a playlist if you are using your phone. You are welcome to use the cd's on the stereo cart.